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March 11-17 is International Brain Awareness Week, but it’s no occasion for rehearsing mental deficiencies. That’s not what it’s about. The thing is that our brains need attention. The following are tips to sharpen your brain and decrease the risk of developing dementia, which is a disease of diminished mental capacity.
Why is it people with flaws are more approachable than those who come off as uptight and perfect? In a way, it’s accurate to say sinners are more likeable than saints. That’s not really fair, is it? Shouldn’t people who try so hard to be oh-so-perfect be popular for no other reason than brownie points for trying to win at life? No. As a matter of fact, imperfect people are absolutely the best, like pirates. An exception is dearly departed and completely saintly Mother Teresa, and no living examples come to mind. Check out the reasons why the naughty and/or physically flawed are better than the nice.
Science proves that there are numerous benefits to owning a dog. They can undeniably be a best friend, and their devotion is second to none. Still, there are many things about owning dogs that can turn a day into total crap.
There are some great things about being dad, but there are also real challenges to having kids. Dads have secret struggles that happen on a very deep level. 
Summer has officially begun, and so has all of the fun warm weather activities! Whether it’s fishing, hanging out at the beach, taking out the jet-ski, or a nice backyard barbecue with the family: it’s time to start living your best life.
Imagine if you had that Monday morning, dog ran away, and fought with my spouse feeling all the time? Life would be crappy!