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Why are the Flawed the Most Likeable?

Why is it people with flaws are more approachable than those who come off as uptight and perfect? In a way, it’s accurate to say sinners are more likeable than saints. That’s not really fair, is it? Shouldn’t people who try so hard to be oh-so-perfect be popular for no other reason than brownie points for trying to win at life? No. As a matter of fact, imperfect people are absolutely the best, like pirates. An exception is dearly departed and completely saintly Mother Teresa, and no living examples come to mind. Check out the reasons why the naughty and/or physically flawed are better than the nice.


Not Fake

People who are comfortable letting their flaws show seem very down to earth. They are just so genuine, and others are drawn to them like flies. Those who don’t have any obvious vices and are careful not to seem wrong about anything just come off as phony. No thank you.


Not Conceited

A person with a cheeky attitude and a bit of naughtiness doesn’t seem like a judgmental person. He or she is easy to approach. When someone just acts perfect, they seem kind of snooty. They are perceived as thinking they are better than everyone else, even though it may not be true at all. The perception of self-centeredness is enough to be a turn-off.



When somebody has a physical type of flaw and they just carry on with confidence, it’s really endearing. So, a person who speaks with a lisp, for example, may be a lot more of a desirable friend to have than a person with perfect speech. You have to think about all the teasing they survived as kids. To turn out friendly with an air of confidence after likely living through daily hell at times is very attractive. Someone with no apparent physical flaws nor evidence of having come through a struggle just seems like a flat, unappealing character, in comparison.


Not Too Nice

It’s just annoying to meet someone who’s just nice about everything in a sugary way but doesn’t make personal connections. Too nice is not usually a good thing, unless accompanied by some admirable talent, like being funny or making great cookies. Folks who are a little on the grumpy side, like Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch, are kind of fun to have around. It really doesn’t make sense that a person who may throw around insults is preferable to a nice person. That’s just an example of why life is crap, really.


Thumbs Up on Imperfections

You qualify as flawed if your barbeque pit routinely explodes, you get caught with weed, or you fish where there’s no fishing allowed. You could end up in the hospital or in jail, but you’ll be loved. Ain’t life grand? And for any readers who are on the nice side, don’t worry. This is a very unscientific, though widely shared, observation. All you have to do is sleep late every once in a while or some other slightly imperfect thing, and your lovability factor will get a big boost.


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