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Cats & Dogs

Funny Animal Clothing for Pet Lovers

We all love our animals. Whether you have dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, or any other type of furry friends, you love and care for them. Sometimes, though, these little rascals decide to do things that are not so cute and a little more crappy of them. Our funny cat shirts, dog t shirts for humans, funny animal shirts and funny pet sweatshirts are perfect for all animal lovers. As pet owners, we all know a thing or two about crap, literally and figuratively. All animals do is crap, and then they pull crap that makes us annoyed, like the cat ripping up the curtainsdogs chasing us, or the dog puking on the carpet

We have a lot of funny animal shirts, funny pet hoodies, and novelty pet t-shirts all about our favorite furry pets, because no matter what they do, we always love them. Our funny pet shirts have great designs that will appeal to any and all dog lovers, cat lovers, and all-around animal lovers. Life is good with a pet, but sometimes, as our funny pet shirts will show, animals can make life crap, too. That is part of their charm, though, and our funny pet shirts and funny pet sweatshirts will have you and other animal owners having a good laugh. 

Furry Friends