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Funny Apparel for the Crappy Days at the Beach

Everyone loves a great day at the beach! There is nothing like the warm summer sun shining down on us, giving us tans and warming the sand. Building sand castles and running into the ocean water is such a blast. Kids are laughing and people are walking around having a good time. The sights are great, too: the horizon on the ocean, beautiful sunsets over the water, and, of course, women in bikinis! All of this sounds great, but most of us know a different time at the beach, a time that is a bit crappier and not so fun. Like when it rained on all of your stuff, the ocean had shark watches,your surfboard broke, and the woman in the bikini was a man - and that's bad for everyone! 

Life Is Crap understands that the beach may sound great and seem so fun, but in reality, it is more a recipe for disaster and frustration. All of our funny beach shirts and great beach shirts are perfect for anyone looking to show off those "wonderful" times at the beach. Our novelty beach t shirtshave so many designs for men and women who remember that the beach isn't all that it's cracked up to be.  

Beach day