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Life is Poop

Funny Baby and Toddler Clothes

Parents! Are you tired of the same generic baby onesies with boring animals and weird looking sheep? Why do all these baby clothing companies think babies love farm animals enough to wear them? We say, enough with the madness of the bland and tedious and in with the fantastic, the hilarious, and the funny baby clothes. Your child may not understand what is on their funny baby clothes, but you do!

We offer many funny baby clothes for young children: baby onesies, funny infant shirts, and even funny toddler clothes such as funny toddler shirts! Life Is Poop has unique designs that not only you can relate to, but even your child can, too! That is the appeal of our funny baby clothes. Our funny baby shirts also make great funny baby gifts for new moms and dads! Give our funny baby gifts at a baby shower so new parents can dress their child in something hilarious that all parents can understand and relate to.