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Surprisingly Non-Crappy Parts of Being Over 50

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You might never guess when you’re young that you would have fun sporting an Over 50 T-Shirt in your “old age.” The truth is, being over 50 may seem like something to be bummed about, but when you weigh all the pros against the cons, it’s danged awesome to get older. This comfortable tee fittingly sports the Life is Crap logo because there’s plenty to complain about, but life is just better when you focus on the bright side.

Some cool things about being over 50

It can be a big surprise to find out that getting older has some real benefits. Sure, everything’s easy when you’re young. It feels like you’ll live forever. Doesn’t take long for reality to sink in, though. One very real fact is that being “over the hill” can be hard, but it’s a lot better than it’s made out to be. The following are just a few of many benefits of being in the over-50 age bracket:

  • It’s been a long time since you’ve been carded. Once you’re over 50, though, you can get benefits from carrying an AARP card. Lots of discounts kick in at 50. Seems like an awful early age to dub a person a senior, but at least the insult comes with money-saving advantages.
  • For many parents, by the age of 50, “the kids” have become pretty cool adults you can enjoy more than ever. As long as they aren’t still giving you reasons to toss and turn at night, you no longer have to worry about things like where they are and who they’re with right now.
  • Being a grandparent is an incomparable joy. You have to experience it to really grasp how incredible it feels to spoil your children’s little ones and then send them home. There’s also special satisfaction in seeing glimpses of karma, like when your kid who barely gave you a moment’s rest has a noisy, outgoing, slightly naughty child.
  • The freedom to be your own unique self really opens up in your 50's. No longer are you just another weirdo. You’re a quirky old person and an interesting character.
  • You could be looked upon as a source of wisdom. Go along with this. In other words, don’t damage the credibility earned by making it to such a ripe old age by spilling the beans about your embarrassing actions and stupid choices. Just share the good advice your parents taught you. Someone may finally listen!

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There are a lot of amusing and downright funny shirts that you can get on the Life is Crap website. The Over 50 T-Shirt may be perfect for you, if you’re proud of your milestone. Being over 50 is certainly better than the alternative.

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