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July 5 is National Hawaii Day - aloha! You can be sure that you can...
Wearing a hat is a great thing, according to commonsense and folks who have hats for sale. If you never wear a hat and don’t get that it’s an activity you should participate in, the information below may just change your mind. Check out the following reasons to routinely wear a hat.
Simon often finds himself in sticky situations. Take a page from his book of unfortunate camping experiences so you don't end up like him!

Holidays are great and July 4th is no exception, but there is plenty to beware of as we celebrate the birth of the United States of America. One thing we know is that life can quickly turn to crap, and plenty associated with this holiday leads to problems. The following warnings can help you enjoy your 4th of July holiday.

Meet SimonSimon is that guy. Even if you don't think that he is gonna hurt himself,...