There’s a struggle to a hard-working life that many can only overcome with a steady supply of caffeinated coffee. Scientists say the things we must have to survive include air, water, food, shelter, and sleep. This is obviously an incomplete list, since it doesn’t include coffee. 
Science proves that there are numerous benefits to owning a dog. They can undeniably be a best friend, and their devotion is second to none. Still, there are many things about owning dogs that can turn a day into total crap.
Vacations can be great but they can also be complete nightmares. If you have been contemplating foreign travel, the warnings below can help you divert trouble.
Summer is a time for kids to enjoy a break from school and for families to bond on family vacations, even those that go completely wrong. 
Sometimes summer feels more like a pit of hell than a season. You know it’s too hot to give a crap when you step outside and immediately feel baked.
There are some great things about being dad, but there are also real challenges to having kids. Dads have secret struggles that happen on a very deep level.