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Simon's List Of The Best Superheroes

Sometimes, Life Is Crap's Simon can't catch a break. Just look at our apparel collection to see how he gets himself into some crazy situations. If only he had great superpowers...

Simons list of best superheroes superman

Take a look at the list of Simon's Picks for the best superheroes! Who is your favorite?

15. Star-Lord
He takes the bottom of this list for many reasons. Mainly due to his quick talking, brainless brain that started a war. He's got a gun and is half-god, sure, but he's not the smartest, which is why he lands low on Simon's list. 

14. The Punisher
The Punisher put the (e)vil in vigilante. Okay, that might not have made any sense, but hey, you get what we mean. In his effort to squash crime, he actually commits crimes himself? Well, at least he's self-aware. The people who do bad things get their butts handed to them. He isn't the nicest but it's a dirty job and someone has got to do it.

13. Colossus
Large, sweet, endearing, and strong. Despite his size, Colossus is a total softy. Despite being 6'7" in height outside of his metallic form, Colossus is actually really quiet and shy. He is the strongest of the X-Men but also one of the more soft-spoken, which puts him on Simon's list.

12. Shuri
She stole the show in Black Panther as well as our hearts. She's a genius and she's always ready to step in and join forces to fight evil. Plus, when she teamed up in Endgame with the rest of the women? Girl power to the max!

11.Black Window
The only original female Avenger needs to get credit where credit is due. She keeps the guys in line while standing up for what she believes in and kicking butt. She set the stage for all the female superheroes that came after her.

10. Dr. Strange
He's smart and his powers were created from himself, he wasn't just born with them. When he opens up time and different universes, it makes Simon feel anything but strange. Experiencing his power seems like it would be something else. His wit and power land him on this list.

09. Jessica Jones
She didn't want to be a hero but here she is. Kicking butt, taking names, and being a strong and powerful woman in her own right. Well, she checks off the requirements for Simon's list!

08. The Hulk
When he's angry, you know what happens. If you've ever gotten angry you also understand! The Incredible Hulk gets a spot on this list. From his strength as the green monster to his smarts as Dr. Bruce Banner, no matter what form he is in, he always seems to save the day.

07. Thor
Just like some of his other superhero friends, he's part God, so that makes him really powerful. Plus, he's pretty funny, too! As he channels his inner thunder god with his hammer, he fights any intergalactic threats on Earth and off.

06. Captain Marvel
Higher, further, faster - that's Captain Marvel's motto. Simon couldn't agree more which is why she's in the top ten on this list. Fly high with this military pilot and watch the newest Marvel movie to see why she ranked on Simon's list.

05. Wonder Woman
She's strong and part Amazonian. Plus, the most recent movie was awesome. Wonder Woman has been around for decades as one of the most prominent female superheroes, which lands her a top-five spot on Simon's list.

04. Ironman
He is a leader and a genius. Even though he might not be the nicest or the most modest, Tony Stark provided the world with the greatest team of superheroes. Time and time again he risks his life for the greater good and that is why he ranks at the top of Simon's list.

03. Batman
If you don't know who Batman is - where have you been? Bruce Wayne provides Gotham City with protection. He's a vigilante in himself and the best part is - he doesn't have any superpowers! Simon's amazed at the fact he has gained so much prominence based on his wit and his martial arts skills, but the Bat is living proof that you can in fact buy anything.

02. Spiderman
Someone so young being bitten by a radioactive spider and then defending New York while still in high school? That's not something most heroes can say. He does whatever a spider can - and that's why Peter Parker lands the runner-up spot on this list.

01. Superman
There is no greater hero than the man with Super in his name. An alien from another planet, he comes to Earth to defend everyone from danger. How selfless is that? Simon ranks Superman on the top of his list due to his power, notoriety, and genuine hero-like qualities.

Did your favorite superhero rank? Comment below!

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