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Simon's Hunting and Fishing Dos and Donts

It's officially hunting and fishing season! Let Simon from Life is Crap take you through the dos and don't of hunting and fishing in honor of National Hunting and Fishing Day!

Hunting and Fishing Dos and Don'ts

Fishing Dos:
1. Fish in "productive areas." 
Some areas just are better than others, other fishers including Simon will tell you that. 
2. Use area appropriate and weather appropriate lures.
Some fish take squid, others might not. Do your research before casting your line. 
3. Keep a fully charged fire extinguisher with you at all times.
You never know when an emergency might strike!
4. Take your kids with you!
Teach them about your favorite hobby. Teach them the ways and the tricks of the trade. They'll thank you later when they're teaching their kids about fishing in the future.

Fishing Don'ts:
1. Don't keep fish you're not going to eat.
Even though fishing can be controversial due to "animal cruelty" arguments, you gotta eat, right? That being said, don't keep fish you're not going to eat. Throw him back. 
2. Don't fish in the same spots as others.
Leave your fellow anglers to their own and spread out accordingly.
3. Don't fish with "hit and runs"

Hunting Dos: 
1. Recognize a good hunting day.
From the weather to the surroundings, make sure you know what calls for a good hunting day. 
2. Dress appropriately
Get your gear and wear it! From fashion to protection, you can truly have it all.
3. Monitor patterns closely
Do your research! If you know a good pattern, you'll be sure to get the kill.
4 Practice makes perfect
Practice everything from your shooting to your technique. 
5. Know your surroundings
Get familiar with the forest - you can know your way around and the creatures that frequent it!

Hunting Donts:
1. Don't follow the crowd.
When it's too crowded, the animals will know.
2. Overlook any spots
The best kills can happen anywhere.
3. Let others take your spot.
Share the wealth but not too much. Too many people in on your spot will scare everything away.

Got more tips for Simon? Comment below! 

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