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Simon's Favorite Fall Activities

Ring in autumn Simon's way with a list of his favorite fall activities!

Simons favorite fall activities

1. Raking Leaves - While most people might think this is a mundane task, Simon believes that it's pretty relaxing. Except when he gets a rake to the face - and that happens a lot. Regardless, looking at the fall foliage is the best part of getting all those leaves together in the first place.

2. Bobbing For Apples - It's silly, yes, but it's also hilarious! Whether he's watching other people find one or just wants to do it himself, getting that satisfying crunch as you find it is the best feeling.

3. Building A Scarecrow - Sometimes he scares himself when he begins to build one of these autumn essentials. Sure it does its job scaring away the crows, but it also seems to look great on the lawn!

4. Attending Oktoberfest- If we know anything about Simon, we know that if there's beer, he's usually not too far behind. Find Simon with his stein and lederhosen at his local Oktoberfest celebration.

5. Attending Spooky Haunts - Simon loves to be scared. From haunted houses to hayrides, you can find him there. Even when he does scare himself so silly he bumps into things, he lives for the thrill.

6. Carving Pumpkins - After a day at the farm, Simon can be found lugging his pumpkins all the way home. Then he thinks of the coolest thing he can carve and does his best to make it happen. He's not the best artist, but the toasted pumpkin seeds after definitely make it so worth it.

7. Apple Picking - Also on the farm, Simon likes to head to the orchard to pick a barrel of apples. He doesn't usually know what to do with them after but its the activity that's the best part!

8. Dressing Up For Halloween - What other day of the year can you be anyone you want to be? Simon makes sure that (most of the time) he is prepared no matter what.

What's your favorite Fall activity? Comment below, and check our Simon's misadventures with apparel from Life Is Crap!

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