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September 20: Celebrate National Queso Day with Simon

On September 20, you can have all the queso you want. With National Queso Day, you can celebrate with queso, guacamole, and more. 

latin american mexican food

Check out Simon's favorite Latin-American/Mexican foods, ranked!

12. Mole
This sauce-based mixture is made with a combination of ingredients to give it an unforgettable flavor.  While the generic mixture requires fruit, spices, and the like, it can vary based on what you use. Make it your own, as Simon does.

11. Pozole
Feeling like getting cozy? Make some Pozole and warm right up! Create a mixture of pork, hominy, lettuce, cabbage, peppers, and more!

10. Churros
Who doesn't love a good snack? It's like a donut! Dip in your sugar or hot coffee for dessert.

09. Tamales
They can be spicy or sweet! This dish is made from dough, steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. Then, fill it with what you want - from meat to cheese, you can make this dish you own. Simon loves the fruit, veggies, and cheese combination!

08. Elote
A good old classic corn on the cob is perfect for a side dish. Simon likes to put some seasoning and butter on it!

07. Quesadillas
A tortilla stuffed with goodness? Cheese, veggies, steak, shrimp, whatever you want, topped with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa? Don't mind if we do!

06. Enchiladas
It's like a tortilla, but better! This corn tortilla is rolled up with all the ingredients you can imagine and then is topped with a sauce that can be spicy or sweet.

05. Carne Asada
Choose your steak cute and let it get charred. That's it! If you're anything like Simon, you'll chop it up and put it in something else, like Burritos, Quesadillas, Tacos, and more!

04. Tacos
The best part of Mexican food is that you can make it your own. Grab a flour or corn tortilla, cook some shrimp, steak, tuna, chicken, fish, or anything, add pico, guac, sour cream, and cheese, and there you have it - the perfect taco!

03. Burritos
Just like it's cousin the taco, you can pile on the ingredients, including rice and beans. Just like a donkey can carry a lot, a burrito can hold a lot, too!

02. Guacamole
It's hard to make and expensive at chipotle - but it's delicious. Join Millenials in their obsession and add this to any of your Mexican themed meals.

01. Queso - obviously!
It's melted cheese sauce with peppers and spices and if it's made correctly, it is addictive. Celebrate National Queso day today and get a cup from your nearest taco shop today.

How are you celebrating National Taco Day? Comment below!

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