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Simon's Favorite Beer Brands, Ranked

Simon loves to drink - it's not a secret. So when he heard September 7 was National Beer Lovers Day, he decided to celebrate with his favorite Beer Brands. Check out his favorites (and America's) from worst to best!

simon's favorite beer brands

13. Pabst Blue Ribbon
It's great for hipsters but not so great for Simon.

12. Dos Equis
Corona is the more superior Mexican-style beer.

11. Stella Artois
When Simon is feeling fancy, he turns it up with Stella.

10. Guinness
This is restricted just for St Patricks Day.

09. Busch Light
This is a pretty high ranking for such a regular beer.

08. Blue Moon
Who doesn't love a good orange taste?

07. Yeungling
Sometimes Simon prefers a nice lager.

06. Natty Light
It tastes like your first beer...

05. Coors Light
Of the big three beers (Coors, Miller, and Bud) this one ranks the lowest.

04. Corona Lite & Corona Extra
Simon fins his beach each time he opens either of these. Trust him, a Corona instantly makes you feel more relaxed.

03. Miller Lite
A little bit Irish, a lot American - what could be better?

02. Budweiser
It's called the King of Beers for a reason. Simon picks this when he's feeling his best.

01. Bud Light
Bud Light tops the list because Simon loves saying that Dilly Dilly so much. And it's pretty tasty, too!

No explanation needed - do you agree or disagree? Comment below!


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