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Happy National Cheese Pizza Day - The Best Pizza Toppings, Ranked

Yesterday was National Cheese Pizza Day - but does it reign supreme? Check out Life Is Crap's top picks for pizza toppings!

simon's favorite pizza toppings

19. Anchovies
There's a reason why in all those TV shows and movies they use this as a gag. It's because it actually makes you gag. Not all pizza places offer this "delicacy," but an extremely salty fish on pizza is just too out of the box for most people (including this writer - and Simon, he approved all of the items on this list.)

18. Tomatoes
It's a common thing for people to hate raw tomatoes. There's even a 
website about hating it! Even for those who enjoy raw tomatoes, if there's already tomato sauce on pizza, are you really going to add more tomato to that? Well, to each their own...

17. Jalapenos
Those who enjoy a kick to just about anything will be mad at me for this one, but if you've got a good pizza, spice won't help the flavor. But, we don't blame you if you do add these to your slice. 

16. Spinach
It's important to have your daily serving of fruits and veggies, so if you're eating pizza, adding spinach is a smart idea. The only downfall is that sometimes they just put too much on, making it hard to eat. Get those strong bones and teeth!

15. Onions
Great for your pizza, not so great for your breath. But we know like you have layers, so do onions. Those who don't understand that probably don't put onions on their pizza but that's their loss!

14. Banana Peppers
Sweet yet spicy and satisfying. This pizza topping puts a burst of flavor on top of your pie. When you need a little something extra, let these banana peppers do the talking.

13. Sausage
Whether it's spicy Italian or sweet, there's a sausage for every carnivore. Pick your poison but make sure that you put it on your pizza. Bursting with flavor, spicing up your slice, this topping is a classic.

12. Steak
Okay, before you give me a metaphorical eye roll, have you ever had cheesesteak pizza? It's pretty good. Actually, you can probably take any sandwich and put it on a pizza (well, not every sandwich) but it's worth a shot. Thank me later.

11. Meatballs
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie - it's a meatball! Yes, you heard that right. If they're made as good as the pizza, the combination will be perfect. 

10. Red Peppers
They're sweet and savory so they make the perfect addition to your pizza! Honestly, add any peppers to your pizza and you'll be happy! They add color, nutrition, and taste - what's better than that?

09. Feta Cheese
Some people just don't like cheese but if that's true - why are you even on this page? You know the pizza has cheese on it, right? Make it a two-cheese pizza by adding some feta cheese to your pie. 

08. Broccoli
Just like its green cousin spinach, broccoli is a great veggie to add to your pizza. Plus, with a bit of garlic, it won't even taste like broccoli. Get some vitamin C on your pie with this nutritious and delicious addition.

07. Ground Beef
Okay, seriously, don't judge me now - you have to give cheeseburger pizza a try. It tastes like a Big Mac! Add some lettuce and cheese and special sauce - trust me, you can thank me later.

06. Ham
Before we get into this heated debate, I'm going to pose the question of - have you ever even tried ham on pizza? It's not too far off from bacon (more on that later.) Give it a try, let me know what you think. It's delicious!

05. Pineapple
Okay, now we can get into this debate. Pineapple DOES belong on pizza. Just like the banana peppers, it adds a sweet taste. Sweet and savory - who doesn't like the balance? It's not too far off from eating a chocolate covered pretzel when it comes to taste buds...

04. Mushrooms
I get it, some people don't like the texture but they're delicious. Stick them on a pizza and they're even better! Plus, who doesn't love adding a veggie onto their pizza? It makes you feel like you're eating healthy (we aren't judging.)

03. Olives
Again, olives may be an acquired taste for some, others go crazy for them. Plus, you can eat them cold or hot. So take a chance, put it on your pizza and take a chance, you won't regret it.

02. Bacon Bits/Bacon
People don't just like bacon. They love it. There's a whole niche of people that go crazy for it. So add it to your pizza and enjoy it! The sweet maple taste of the bacon combined with the robust tomato sauce and the cheese on the pizza - we're hungry just thinking about it.

01. Pepperoni
Weighing 0.2 ounces per slice, radiating sweet delicious goodness, it's pepperoni, the reigning champion of pizza slices. it's pepperoni! This is probably the most popular and favored pizza toppings. Vegetarians, better luck next time - pepperoni pulls out the W again.

Did we miss any of your faves? Comment your must-have pizza topping below!

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