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Athletic & Sport

Funny Sports Clothing for the Worst Athletes

Sports are fun to watch with friends and family while taking bets or drinking, but sports are crap when you have to play them though. Nothing is worse than trying to play a game of soccer and getting penalizedRunning into a field goal when trying to make that touchdown is no fun either. You always get a gutter ball when bowling and you always land in a tree after skydiving. This is the type of crap that happens to you when you try any sports or athletic crap.

All of our Athletic and Sports Crap designs are available on a crap-load of apparel, including sports hoodiessports sweatshirtssports t-shirts, and more! We have great funny athletic shirts that can show just how crappy sports really are and how life is good without them! Continue on with your crappy life, and don't play any sports, while our funny sports shirts show people why. The next time you split the bowling pins, get hit in the nuts with a soccer ball, or fall of a cliff, put on one of our novelty sports shirts and remember that life is crap and so are sports.