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Charlie is a famous tuna who got rejected repeatedly in commercials for canned tuna, and a national day is named after him. Every April 6 is National Sorry Charlie Day. No one likes the feelings created by rejection, but it’s part of being human.  Below are facts about Charlie the Tuna and a few of the benefits to be derived from being on the receiving end of, “Sorry, Charlie!”
Why is it people with flaws are more approachable than those who come off as uptight and perfect? In a way, it’s accurate to say sinners are more likeable than saints. That’s not really fair, is it? Shouldn’t people who try so hard to be oh-so-perfect be popular for no other reason than brownie points for trying to win at life? No. As a matter of fact, imperfect people are absolutely the best, like pirates. An exception is dearly departed and completely saintly Mother Teresa, and no living examples come to mind. Check out the reasons why the naughty and/or physically flawed are better than the nice.
Commuting is when you regularly travel a considerable distance from your home and your job or school, and it sucks. Check out the following pros and cons of commuting and see if you’re also an over-the-top optimist or if you agree that life is crap when you must commute.
Life is full of disappointments, so I try not to get too excited about anything. When movie trailers have me at the edge of my seat, I usually find myself asleep in the theater. 
Having children is a part of life that is missed most acutely by those who grow old and have no grandchildren to bounce on their knee.