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As Valentine’s Day is upon us, many people have love on the brain. If you’re in a dating relationship, you may be concentrating on a gift for your darling. As for married couples, what they might be thinking about with regard to February 14 can only be accurately guessed on a case-by-case basis. But what about the rest of us? We tend to focus on lost or misguided loves. As Cupid is flying around, swinging on ceilings all over the place, it’s perfectly okay to acknowledge that while love is the desire of all our hearts, love can really stink.

A lot of us need our tax refunds and can be thankful the recent partial government shutdown is over for now. The IRS starts processing tax refunds today, January 28. Best turn your tax statement in online as soon as possible, since President Trump says the shutdown may resume on February 15. After filing, you can think about what to do with your tax refund. The following are a few ideas, some practical and some completely impractical.

If your hope for 2019 is to be happier, science can help. Leave behind unpleasant memories of crappy things that happened last year and forge a sunnier path for yourself. There are scientifically proven ways to chase away gloom and live a more joyful life, even when the worst things can spoil your day, like dropping your phone in the toilet. The following are some very doable changes that may seem small but can profoundly increase your happiness.

Why is it people with flaws are more approachable than those who come off as uptight and perfect? In a way, it’s accurate to say sinners are more likeable than saints. That’s not really fair, is it? Shouldn’t people who try so hard to be oh-so-perfect be popular for no other reason than brownie points for trying to win at life? No. As a matter of fact, imperfect people are absolutely the best, like pirates. An exception is dearly departed and completely saintly Mother Teresa, and no living examples come to mind. Check out the reasons why the naughty and/or physically flawed are better than the nice.
If you like being generous during the holidays but your budget won’t cooperate, Christmas can become a major crapfest. This is especially true for grandparents, who love giving grandkids the best gifts. Something must be done, to fix the problem. The following are some strategies for giving at Christmastime on a painfully tight budget.
Have you been a hard worker for years and yet haven’t received deserved promotions or raises? It could be because you fell for the lie that all you have to do to get ahead is to keep your head down and do great work on a consistent basis. As you may already know, hard work alone rarely works. There is another untold element that must be part of the mix.