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5 Things to Beware of on July 4th

Holidays are great and July 4th is no exception, but there is plenty to beware of as we celebrate the birth of the United States of America. One thing we know is that life can quickly turn to crap, and plenty associated with this holiday leads to problems. The following warnings can help you enjoy your 4th of July holiday.


1, 2 & 3- Don’t Get Burned

Getting burned is a three-fold threat on the 4th of July. Safety rules should be followed regarding exposure to the sun, barbeques, and fireworks:


Sunburn Safety

Wear sunscreen to keep from frying under the heat of the July sun. Sunglasses are also a must, and a hat that shades the neck will provide added protection. Summer is in full swing, and overexposure to the sun can ultimately end in skin cancer, so, yeah. There’s that.


Barbeque Safety

It may seem harmless to fire up the barbeque pit for a 4th of July get-together, but it’s not risk-free. Many hundreds of accidents associated with barbecuing occur every year, such as burns and scalding. The vast majority of these barbeque accidents occur in backyards in the USA. A few safety tips follow:

  • Never pour liquid accelerants into a barbecue pit. This is when the most serious accidents occur, usually involving barbeque explosions in the face.
  • Be sure the barbeque pit you use is steady, stable, strong, and secure.
  • Never light up a barbeque pit in an enclosed space.
  • Be sure children are never left unsupervised near a barbeque.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy, and fully extinguish a barbeque before leaving it unattended.


Be sure you don’t subject yourself to penalties for using fireworks where they aren’t permitted. The following are a few safety tips, to avoid other ways of getting burned:

  • Do not lean over fireworks as you light the fuse.
  • Never point a firework in another person’s direction.
  • Never throw fireworks toward people.
  • If you discover unexploded fireworks, do not touch or try to re-light.
  • Light one firework at a time and then quickly move a safe distance away.
  • Only use fireworks outside.
  • Never allow young children to use or handle fireworks.
  • Keep a water hose, bucket of water, or fire extinguisher nearby when using fireworks.


4- Avoid Drownings

Many people enjoy cooling off on Independence Day by swimming in a pool, lake, or river. In Texas lakes alone in 2018, five people drowned on the holiday. About one person per day on average drowns in the U.S., but the number is greater on July 4. Be diligent about following safety precautions related to water, especially where children are involved.


5- Beware of Car Crashes

Between swimming incidents, fireworks accidents, and car crashes, the 4th of July is America’s deadliest weekend of the year, according to the National Safety Council. Alcohol is a factor in many of the deaths caused by car crashes. Knowing that more people on the road are likely under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it pays to be extra careful on the road. The high volume of holiday travelers on and around Independence Day also means you can expect gridlock traffic.


Avoid a Crappy Fourth of July!

Now that you’ve been warned, you are in good shape to avoid falling victim to unfortunate incidents that commonly occur on July 4th each year. Heed these warnings, and you’re set to celebrate and fully appreciate your freedoms in this great U.S. of A.


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