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Summer Safety For The Whole Family With Simon

Meet Simon

Simon is that guy. Even if you don't think that he is gonna hurt himself, he usually finds a way. If you don't know Simon, you probably know someone like him. Simon's spent the last few summers getting into some sticky situations and he'd like to share some summer safety tips with you. 
Read these Summer Safety Tips From Simon (and one from his wife, Simona!) at Life Is Crap to stay safe all summer long.

summer safety for the whole family with simon

Simon Says...
When You're On Your Summer Road Trip, Be Sure To Be Prepared. 

Simon's wife, Simona, took a trip across the country last summer to "find herself." Instead, she found herself with a flat tire and a whole lot of fixing to do. Simona is the farthest thing from a mechanic - but she didn't have any other options. If she could go back in time, she'd probably make sure her car was good before she went on the road trip.

Simon Says...
When You Go Camping, Always Make Sure You're With a Buddy. Also, If You Do Bring Your Buddy, Practice Fire Safety.
There's a lot of summer safety tips to unpack here. One time, Simon decided to go camping. He felt like being alone in the wilderness so he headed out into the woods with his tent and his backpack. With only his Boy Scout skills from years ago, he set up a fire and then set up his tent - right next to each other. Before he knew it, the tent was on fire! Simon got out okay this time but the silver lining - he brings you this tip to keep it from happening to you!

Simon Says...
Practice Water Safety - Especially On Vacation.
Simon was super stoked to go on his tropical vacation. Shortly after checking into his hotel, he went down to the shore to snorkel. He enjoyed seeing the fish and the plant life in the deep blue sea. Unfortunately, so did the shark in the water. Simon swam quickly and got away by a hair, but he did learn a great lesson that day. 

Simon Says...
If You're Going To Get Your Zen On, Make Sure You Check The Weather.
Simon recently got acquainted with yoga. Yeah, it's traditionally more for women, but it's empowering for men, too! He decided a few summers ago that he was going to take his namaste to the next level and climb to the top of a mountain to get his zen on. Unfortunately, as per usual, he couldn't catch a break and didn't check the weather. And it stormed. Hard. While he was on the very top of the mountain. So take it from him - the weather app does wonders for those who want to feel zen.

Simon Says...
When You're Going Sailing, Make Sure You Know What You're Doing, Captain
Simon decided last summer that he wanted to feel like a sailor. He saved up, bought himself a boat, and hit the river for a trip on the water. He was ready! Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as he thought. It wasn't windy enough to sail and if he had known that, he probably would have bought a boat with a motor. Don't be like Simon - study up before you set sail!

Simon Says...
Just Because It's Nice Out, Doesn't Mean You Have To Speed
Every time it was nice out last summer, Simon decided to take out his motorbike (which, if you know Simon, is probably a bad idea) and go for a ride - a fast one. He zoomed down the road and sped well over the speed limit multiple times - until he got caught. Take it from him, wherever you going, it doesn't have to be that fast.

Simon Says...
If You're Working On Your Summer Bod...Work Hard and Be Careful
Even months before the summer started, he's been hitting the gym to ensure his body is ready - as you can tell from his picture, it's working! However, in typical Simon fashion, he flew off the treadmill and flew into the wall. If you ask Simon, he would probably advise you to be super careful - but the payoff is great when you've successfully used the workout equipment.

So, have you learned a lot? Summer is just beginning, so at Life Is Crap we want to be sure that you use all of Simon's advice to have the best - and safest - summer ever!

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