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The Emoji Movie – Poopy News for Parents Everywhere?

The Emoji Movie – Poopy News for Parents Everywhere?

Having children is a part of life that is missed most acutely by those who grow old and have no grandchildren to bounce on their knee. Living through the years when children are still young can be a joy and a major pain in the tush. A perfect example is The Emoji Movie. The first 38 critic reviews gave the movie a whopping “0” out of 100. Children obsessed with cartoon ideograms on their smartphone will want to go and will love the movie, in spite of the flaws. Loving parents will sit through the potentially excruciating experience, unless they can talk grandparents into it.

Half-Hearted Hollywood

When children’s movies are done right, everyone has fun at the theatre. A lot of innuendo is often thrown in that parents get but kids don’t. That’s all just as it should be, to the pleasure of adults. Cartoons that bomb in the ratings typically have lazy scripts that epitomize half-hearted movie-making. Critics agree that this is exactly what happened with The Emoji Movie.

3 Things Critics Say They Got Wrong

1 - When you have a bunch of irresistible cartoon “stickers” coming to life, there is tremendous potential to deliver thrills at movie theatres. Characters like poop and a wide range of smiley faces could really be fun, if you have a good script. This movie is pretty much a snooze-fest for anyone old enough to crave some substance to their entertainment.

2 – The Emoji Movie easily passes as a knock-off of the movie Inside Out. Primal emotions are at the core of the various emojis. Critics say the angle isn’t played out effectively in this flick, though obviously Inside Out was a hit and got a lot right.

3 – Portions of the movie feel like blatant product placement, some of which is done poorly, which is an additional source of frustration.

The Best Reason to See The Emoji Movie

In the end, The Emoji Movie is harmless and suffices nicely for giving children an exciting summer event. A parent will feel the pinch of a life-is-crap-moment at the thought of sitting through a mind-numbing cartoon. But the joy it brings the kids makes it worth it, as long as you don’t throw in the added cost of expensive movie theater snacks. 

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