Arctic air is swirling all around the country. The Deep South is even due to get significant snow this week. In these conditions, outdoor excursions for any reason can be very dangerous. If you’re going to brave the cold because you must ski on fresh layers of powder or maybe go ice fishing, it’s critical that you dress to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. Tips for staying warm and surviving outdoor fun during an arctic blast follow.

There is a secret to enjoying the most boring things in life, and it’s listening to audiobooks while doing them! The best part is that time can fly while you do things like drive in stop-and-go traffic, fold laundry, or rake leaves. What’s second best is that even people who think they have no patience for book-reading can “read a book” by listening to it. Listening to music is nice, sure. There are more benefits to reading a book, though, plus a good book has more mesmerizing qualities. The following are some of the benefits of listening to audiobooks.

Have you ever wondered whether a social post was a good idea or not? Could be you could use some advice. There are some terribly annoying things that should never be posted on Facebook or other social media sites and yet they are. To avoid potentially being unfriended in droves, check out the following tips on social media posts to avoid.

If your hope for 2019 is to be happier, science can help. Leave behind unpleasant memories of crappy things that happened last year and forge a sunnier path for yourself. There are scientifically proven ways to chase away gloom and live a more joyful life, even when the worst things can spoil your day, like dropping your phone in the toilet. The following are some very doable changes that may seem small but can profoundly increase your happiness.

Breaking New Year’s resolutions is as easy as stealing candy from a baby, and it can come with about as much guilt. It’s great to make a resolution that takes you closer to your dreams, but following through is the trick. According to experts, making goals for a new year is good and keeping New Year’s resolutions is doable. The following are some of the pitfalls to avoid, as you strive to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.
Everywhere you go, it’s looking a lot like Christmas. The classic green and red colors are nicely offset these days with tones of silver and blue; but there is much a person could complain about, too. Scrooge isn’t the only grump at Christmas. For many reasons, Christmas can suck, for those of us who are really honest with ourselves. The following are a few of them.