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Barbequing goes hand-in-hand with summer, but things don’t always go as planned. The truth is that cooking BBQ isn’t easy. A lot can go wrong, which leaves many people to wonder if it’s even possible to cook a good meal on a barbeque pit. Obviously, it is. Countless backyard cooks are especially skilled at making mouth-watering BBQ. For those who aren’t, check out the following BBQ mistakes to avoid.
It’s football season and, again, tailgating is all the rage. Gone are the days when the thing was to gather around a screen at home and eat football-shaped snacks on the couch during the big games. Now the thing to do is invest thousands and thousands of dollars in tailgating. But tailgating sucks, and here are six reasons why.
Everyone can relate to the frustration of forgetting an essential component needed to enjoy delicious BBQ or other yummy foods.