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5 Reasons Tailgating Sucks

It’s football season and, again, tailgating is all the rage. Gone are the days when the thing was to gather around a screen at home and eat football-shaped snacks on the couch during the big games. Now the thing to do is invest thousands and thousands of dollars in tailgating. On top of that, at some stadiums, it’s necessary to buy tickets to the games to get into the parking lots, which requires deep pockets, as well. There are other stadiums that allow tailgaters to watch the game on big screens outside. Either way, keeping up with the Joneses has never been more intimidating.


1. The Cost of Necessary Equipment

To be true tailgater, one must invest in a parking lot game of some kind. Other essentials include: Folding tables, chairs, ice chests, an impressive-looking barbeque pit, signs supporting your team, a cover for protection from sun or rain, and utensils. Depending on which stadium you’re at, someone in your group needs a large television to watch the game on. You may feel pressured to provide one for your own party.


2. Peripheral Expenses

Most stadiums charge between $25 and $50 to park at stadiums. If you are using an RV for your tailgating extravaganza, parking can be as much as $100 or more. Factor in steaks and other savory meats, beer, and condiments for hamburgers and the expenses just keep adding up. The average amount a tailgater spends on supplies alone is $196 per game.


3. The Price of Representing the Team

The core principle of tailgating is that you have an NFL team you are passionate about. You are there to represent. It’s essential to invest in official NFL shirts, socks, and hats as well as flags and banners. You should also paint your face the appropriate team colors. The price tag for these things isn’t small, but that’s not the worst part. You are also likely to come face-to-face with fans who have sworn allegiance to the rival team. Since everyone is drinking, the likelihood of an outbreak of belligerence that leads to physical violence is strong.


4. Barbequing Skills are Required

Men beat their chests and smoke meats in their expensive barbeque pits and show off their skills at tailgating parties. The problem that arises is that you may not have skills at barbequing. In fact, you have no doubt that you could possibly give food poisoning to anyone who tastes the food on your BBQ pit, which is stressful.


5. Instead of a Couch, Socializing

Do you happen to be a person who things a couch view of ballgames is the closest thing to heaven? If so, there is a good chance you aren’t comfortable with or interested in all the socializing that goes on at tailgate parties. Tailgating isn’t for the mildly introverted or the diehard couch potato. A lot of energy goes into everything involved in tailgating, and who wants that?

While folks all around you are happily sinking their hard-earned dollars into tailgating, are you just doing it to keep up with your buddies—your old couch-sharing buddies? You are not alone and at least there is that.


Bob Weber
November 07, 2019 at 16:34

Boy, you are right. Parking fees, food & beverage supplies and NFL gear is really expensive. And that’s before you include the over priced tickets. That is a lot of money to pay in order to cheerlead for a bunch of criminals, dumbbells and pot heads who piss on the American flag and spit at the fans. No thanks! Support your local high school team Instead. Those kids still give a shit. And they do it to get a letter for their sweater. And $5 usually covers parking and admission. Plus most high school games are on Friday night or Saturday afternoon. That way you can get to Sunday church services while your neighbors are getting drunk, arrested, and freezing their asses off in a parking lot. 🤠

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