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7 Secret Struggles Only Dads Understand

There are some great things about being dad, but there are also real challenges to having kids. Dads have secret struggles that happen on a very deep level. They are things we never want to admit. Due to shades of shame and humiliation, Dads don’t even pass these secrets onto their sons. They can only be shared anonymously, and we try not to think about them on Father’s Day.

7 Secrets Dads Never Tell

1.) Competition Never Dies

Winning feels good. When we were young, every day we felt like winners. Now, as dads, our competitiveness is just as strong as it ever was. It’s not that we don’t feel like mush in our hearts over our cute little toddlers and small children. But when we play games with them, the natural desire to win is frequently stronger than the desire to teach them gently about what’s really important in life. Forrest Gump was a fictional character, and that’s the only reason he let his son beat him at ping pong.

2.) Swearing Helps

Our place as a role model is one that us dads generally do not take lightly. Using swear words is obviously not appropriate in front of tiny ears. After a particularly chaotic day, it feels better than ever to curse—let the f-words fly. It’s worth it to take a drive alone once in a while and sing a familiar tune using only the F word.

3.) Food

The kids haven’t figured out what they love and what they hate yet. There’s no good reason to share the good stuff with them. Let them run around and have their endless childhood fun. Give us dads the bacon.

4.) Dislike of Other Children

Dads typically recognize the greatness in their offspring. Other people’s kids are unbearably annoying, for the most part. The worst thing about being a dad is spending time with other people’s children. The parents are usually so clueless about their obvious lack of parenting skills, they suck, too.

5.) Master Faker

When newborn babies come home from the hospital, dads become masters at sleeping like deaf possums. We look and behave completely dead, when it’s our turn to get out of bed in the middle of the night to feed, change, or rock the baby. We are completely shameless in this act.

6.) Frozen

There’s a big joke about the millions of times girls listen to the songs from the movie Frozen, driving their parents crazy. This is a big act. The songs from Frozen are amazing, and dads everywhere love them.

7.) Wrapped Around Tiny Fingers

There’s another old saying that daughters have their daddy wrapped around their little finger. This is completely true. It’s difficult to ever discipline these precious little girls who look up to us as their ultimate hero. We are powerless.

7 Secrets From Your Dad

Yes, there are plenty of great things as well as struggles about being a daddy. We are often so busy killing our special brand of selfishness or helplessness, it’s tough to revel. So the best we can hope for on Father’s Day is to lay aside the guilt for a while and just bask in the accolades.

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