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5 Good Reasons it's a Bad Idea to Get a Dog

Life is crap with or without a dog.

I love my dog but this summer, I have another reason to vow never to adopt one again. The heat is too stifling hot, but he still needs to be walked regularly. I work at home, which means Chewbacca doesn’t have to wait 8 hours till I get back from an 8-hour job. He’s accustomed to relieving himself pretty much as needed. This means multiple ventures under the unrelenting rays of the sun. It’s miserable! But I’d be dishonest if I didn’t admit that there are many more reasons I advise people not to get a dog.


Negatives About Owning a Dog

Science proves that there are numerous benefits to owning a dog. They can undeniably be a best friend, and their devotion is second to none. Still, there are many things about owning dogs that can turn a day into total crap.


1. Say Goodbye to Cleanliness

Keeping things clean is a constant challenge. In addition to dealing with dog hair, you can have any number of additional cleaning demands. Dog vomit, pee, and poop on floors and/or furniture as well as in your car are common reasons to pull out the cleaning supplies.


2. Never Fully Relax

On many fronts, you can never let your guard down. For instance, if you leave your sandwich on a low-lying surface to answer the door, it’s relatively certain your sandwich will be gone when you return. Speaking of answering the door, if your dog likes to play the role of a guard dog, regardless of size, opening your door to people is equivalent to inviting a potential dog bite-related lawsuit.


3. No More Freedom of Travel

Spontaneous travel is a thing of the past, when you have a dog. Going somewhere for more than about 8 to 10 hours requires making arrangements for him to be walked. If you are spending the night away, you must first go through all the hassle of figuring out what to do with your dog. Finding a dog sitter is nearly impossible. Sometimes, the only option is to pay for a pet hotel. Even then, you end up being gnawed with guilt, when it becomes obvious your dog didn’t eat or sleep the entire time you were gone.


4. Dogs Break your Heart

The life span for dogs is between 6 and 18 years or so. Eventually your dog will die, and it will break your heart. Dogs are members of the family, and you can’t help but love an affectionate dog. You don’t know torture until you’ve had to have your dog put to sleep for medical reasons.


5. Wet Dog Smell

Dogs need grooming, including routine baths. There is something undeniably awful about wet dog smell. It takes a lot of effort to both bathe a dog and control the odor. If you make the mistake of allowing your wet dog loose in the house, the wet dog smell could quickly be spread throughout every room. The odor is just the worst.


Dogs: Life is Crap With Them and Without Them

For all that sucks about owning one, dogs are good for us. For pet owners who have experienced the joy of a pet, going without one is as much torture as dealing with pee on a cushy recliner. Yes, life is crap with or without a dog.



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