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Have you ever wondered whether a social post was a good idea or not? Could be you could use some advice. There are some terribly annoying things that should never be posted on Facebook or other social media sites and yet they are. To avoid potentially being unfriended in droves, check out the following tips on social media posts to avoid.
In the south, at least, the hottest summer ever lasted all the way until October 15, and then suddenly it went directly into a winter weather pattern. There is daily rain and cold in the current 10-day forecast. Never mind that I’ve been waiting to go walking on scenic hiking trails on cool autumn days. The biggest problem now is that the dog does not like to walk on wet sidewalks, much less in wet grass. Good thing I trained him to use those puppy training pads, for when he won’t relieve himself outside. The following are more good ideas for what to do with your dog on rainy days.
Science proves that there are numerous benefits to owning a dog. They can undeniably be a best friend, and their devotion is second to none. Still, there are many things about owning dogs that can turn a day into total crap.
Memorial Day, some would say, is a sad time because it’s all about focusing on men and women in the prime of life who died while in service to the U.S.A. Well, yes, it is sad.
There are so many reasons to love dogs. They forgive us when we make them miserable by being gone too long. In fact, they forgive us everything and remain faithful best friends throughout their entire lives.