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What to Do with your Dog on Rainy Days

In the south, at least, the hottest summer ever lasted all the way until October 15, and then suddenly it went directly into a winter weather pattern. There is daily rain and cold in the current 10-day forecast. Never mind that I’ve been waiting to go walking on scenic hiking trails on cool autumn days. The biggest problem now is that the dog does not like to walk on wet sidewalks, much less in wet grass. Good thing I trained him to use those puppy training pads, for when he won’t relieve himself outside. The following are some good ideas for what to do with your dog on rainy days.


Dog Activities for Rainy Days

Dogs need daily physical and mental stimulation, if they are going to stay happy and healthy. Age, temperament, and health have a lot to do with what’s right for a particular dog, but the following tips provide some good ideas that can be adjusted according to just about any dog’s needs:

  • If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that offers an indoor dog park, a rainy day doesn’t have to put a damper on anything. The climate-controlled areas in indoor dog parks keep four-legged best friends nice and dry, even if it’s pouring outside.
  • Take your dog to some pet-friendly establishments. Pet stores, doggie boutiques, and hardware stores often allow dogs, though it’s at the discretion of each business owner. Dogs love to sniff around in uncharted territory. Just be sure to bring along bags for accident clean-ups. Shop around and get your loving pet a new toy and a yummy new kind of treat.
  • Schedule an at-home spa day. Most pooches love a good pampering. Spend time with your dog giving him a thorough grooming. Brush his hair, give him a luxurious dog shampoo, and trim his nails. There are actual dog spa products you can get, to make the day really special. You may choose a blueberry facial or a calming herbal bath.
  • Play indoor games and try to mix things up, so that your dog has new challenges. Different breeds like different things. For instance, retrievers are ecstatic about playing fetch. Whatever your dog loves, go along with it and give him an active day as you stay sheltered indoors. Do it for the fun and the exercise that your dog needs.
  • If the only large covered area in the vicinity is a parking garage, bring your dog there. Of course, caution is needed, since cars may be in and out. Keep your dog on a leash and walk around, letting him explore with his nose, or just get a nice jog in.
  • Visit a friend, preferably one who has a dog your pet is friends with. If your dog loves kids and you don’t have any at your home, let him play with a friend’s kids while you just relax and enjoy your visit.


Everything is somehow easier when you have a good dog. Surviving challenging weather isn’t even so bad. Your dog will  appreciate all of your efforts, and you’ll know by all the tail-wagging.



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