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Memorial Day and All Those Who Make Your Life Not Suck

Memorial Day, some would say, is a sad time because it’s all about focusing on men and women in the prime of life who died while in service to the U.S.A. Well, yes, it is sad. But it’s also very nice to think of such heroes because of all they did for us. There are others who also deserve recognition because they also don’t suck, in a world that is full of those who helped inspire the motto “life is crap.”

Thank You, Veterans

Without the military people who go out and fight wars and show the world we are too strong to attack, we wouldn’t be free like we are. Even though we find plenty to complain about, we smart ones know that in the U.S., we are far better off than the people in most of the world. For Memorial Day, we salute the military, visit the graves of fallen soldiers, and decorate the graves of those who gave their lives in military service. Thankfully, we have others in our lives worthy of a salute of some kind or at least a tip of the hat.

Thank You, Mom

When considering those who don’t suck, Mom rises directly to the top. She has been a life-saver, too, in countless ways. When we’re kids, she’s the one who kissed our boo-boos, did our laundry, cooked our meals, killed the spiders, and cleaned the house after we tore it up. As adults, the same. Mom is the number one reason life doesn’t suck.

Thanks, Best Buddy

There’s also nothing better than a best friend. Actually, moms sometimes double up and fulfill this important role, too. A BFF is the one who reads our minds, makes us laugh, shares our favorite activities, understands our pain, and provides the very best encouragement. Hats off to best friends!

Thank you, Fido

A dog can be the best part of any given day. Here is a loyal friend always there for you and who thinks you’re the best person on the planet. Gamers have to get off the couch and get exercise, thanks to the dog. Plus, there’s always someone to play with. When you have a dog in the house, you can feel like a kid no matter how old you get.

Thank You, Firefighters!

And, finally, while recognizing the best of the best, firefighters must be mentioned. Soldiers lay down their lives for us, as do police officers, for that matter. These are very admirable things. An added element of heroism is that firefighters specifically go into fires to save people, which many like myself consider as frightening as anything else a person can do. It’s nice to know that if the smoke alarm fails, a firefighter is the very one who may have your back.

So, yeah, Memorial Day is a great time to wear life is great t-shirts and remember all those who make our lives better and who don’t suck at all.

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