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5 of the Most Annoying Kinds of Posts on Social Media


Have you ever wondered whether a social post was a good idea or not? Might be you could use some advice. There are some terribly annoying things that should never be posted on Facebook or other social media sites and yet they are. To avoid potentially being unfriended in droves, check out the following tips on social media posts to avoid.



Seems there’s someone in every group who makes a habit of posting comments that leave friends guessing what the heck is going on. These types of teasers or cliffhangers serve as annoying distractions for anyone who might give a care about what’s going on in your life. A post might say, for example, “Something life-changing might be happening today…” It’s impossible to tell whether it’s good news, bad news, or what. If you don’t plan to provide details, just don’t bother to say anything, please.



Sharing cool pictures from vacations isn’t a bad idea. Expressing elation over any of the following and other wonderful things, however, is the kind of social post to absolutely avoid:

  • Big promotion
  • Going on an incredible trip and flying first-class, to boot
  • Just moved into a huge new estate
  • This day has been amazing

These things are ideal to share with your closest friends and loved ones. Most of the other people you’re connected with won’t appreciate the bragging. Some people have never been able to afford a great vacation in their life. Some folks had to start the day with no coffee. Bragging about your life is just never a good idea.


3-Ongoing Private Messages

Let’s say you post a photo from high school. Your best friend sees it and adds a series of notes to expound on their memory of connected events. Anyone who has been following you is likely to get annoyed because you obviously don’t respect the difference between public and private messages. Who knows what has happened to make it a bad day for some people? Don’t make it worse by engaging in annoying online activities.



Posts that convey a sense of superiority are the worst. You share a bit of wisdom, for example, in a way that makes it obvious you feel that you are an enlightened one sharing the secret of life with the less fortunate. Inspiring others is a good thing, in the right context—if you’re a gifted speaker with something original to impart, for example.


5-Inane Updates

Simply reporting what you’ve eating for breakfast is too boring for a diary and certainly a ridiculous tidbit to share in a social post. If you think about it, isn’t it a bit narcissistic to think anyone is interested in the unremarkable minutiae of your day? If you’re lonely, it’s understandable. But shift your focus so that your posts contain something truly of interest to others. If you’re a cat lover, for example, post photos and articles that would be of value to those who share your passion.


Happy Posting!

Put aside your uninspired dinner photos, bragging rights, sermonizing, ill-timed chats, and cliffhangers and make social posts to your heart’s content!

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