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Make Life Better: Listen to Audiobooks

There is a secret to enjoying the most boring things in life, and it’s listening to audiobooks while doing them! The best part is that time can fly while you do things like drive in stop-and-go traffic, fold laundry, or rake leaves. What’s second best is that even people who think they have no patience for book-reading can “read a book” by listening to it. Listening to music is nice, sure. There are more benefits to reading a book, though, plus a good book has more mesmerizing qualities. The following are some of the benefits of listening to audiobooks.


That’s Entertainment!

Most audiobook readers to a great job, and listening to someone read a good book is very engrossing. Readers do things like give special voice inflections for different characters and act out the words with their voices, to an extent. Audiobooks really come alive. While the stories unfold, one of the things you can do is get more fit by simply walking while listening, whether on a treadmill or in your neighborhood. If boredom is one of the reasons you don’t like exercise, audiobooks could be the cure.


They’re Free!!

The price of good entertainment can be depressingly high, but audiobooks are available for checkout at your local library for zero dollars. Some are CDs that you check out, but many can be downloaded on your computer or phone. There are also audiobook subscriptions you can get. Usually the first book is free, and afterwards, you can pay something around $15 for a book per month—but prices vary.


Listen with Others

If you’ve ever read a good book and wanted so badly to talk to someone about it but they hadn’t read it yet, an audiobook could open up new possibilities. Listen to books with others, and then you could enjoy all kinds of discussions about favorite characters, guesses about what’s going to happen next, and predictions about what’s ahead. It’s like going on an adventure together.


Check Books off your Book List Faster

With some apps, you can speed up the speaker’s voice. You could start zipping through books at record time. When you’re in the middle of a beloved series of books, it’s a welcome thing to keep working your way through the story. It’s like binge-watching but with audiobooks! For anyone who loves books but has limited time, check out audiobook-style speed-reading.


Make Long Drives Exciting

Driving on endless, boring stretches of roadway on a long drive can be excruciatingly boring. If you listen to audiobooks, on the other hand, you will likely be disappointed when the drive has to end. Now, that’s a great way to turn something you dread into something you can hardly wait for.


Helps with Memory

For some readers, listening to a book helps improve comprehension because there isn’t the distraction of decoding or the mechanics of reading. In whatever way a book is consumed, it helps with memory, since you need to keep up with things, such as the names of characters and places.


For Starters: A Few Audiobooks

Interested in adding more pizzazz to your life with audiobooks? The following are some great books to start on:

  • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
  • Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life by Gary John Bishop
  • Quick & Dirty (A Stone Barrington Novel Book 43) by Stuart Woods

Happy listening!

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