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Another Reason to Love Dogs and Dis Non-Grumpy Cats

Another Reason to Love Dogs and Dis Non-Grumpy Cats

There are so many reasons to love dogs. They forgive us when we make them miserable by being gone too long. In fact, they forgive us everything and remain faithful best friends throughout their entire lives. What a comfort it can be to have a dog. In addition to all of their wonderful qualities, they share a similar frustration with regard to cats. There are many ways that cats can get on our last nerve, and dogs have to deal with their shenanigans, too. Anyone with both a dog and a cat has a canine who is most likely bullied on a frequent basis. And it’s almost sure that the cat frequently claims the dog’s bed space, just as it’s endlessly depicted in YouTube compilations. The only cat worthy of our adoration is Grumpy Cat.

Infuriating Things Cats Do

The only cat that’s really likeable is Grumpy Cat. That irresistible frowning cat has had her own movie. The whole world celebrates this feline. There was a Grumpy Cat lookalike contest this very month in Australia. The rest of the cats generally have the same highly annoying habits that aggravate mankind and their canine friends alike. The following are a few of the worst feline traits:

  • Sleeping late is a pipe dream for cat owners. Cats use a range of tactics to wake their owners. It is not funny to have a cat sitting on your head, pawing your mouth, or clawing your sleepy eyes because they are demanding breakfast early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Cats should take a lesson from dogs, who are content to wait.
  • Like reading a book? With a cat around, forget about it! Cats are notorious for sitting forcibly on books and papers we are trying to read. It can be damn near impossible to get work done with a cat around.
  • There is one thing about cats that can admittedly be cool but at other times scare the crap out of you. They’re ninjas and can pounce on humans and dogs at all kinds of unexpected times.

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A great way to bring your dog bond closer is to get this Bed Thief T-shirt. As if dogs weren’t already awesome best friends, the fact that they can relate to our exasperation with all felines except Grumpy Cat just seals the deal.

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