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5 Shirts That Show Sometimes Life Isn’t That Crappy

5 Shirts For Your Least Crappy Day

Imagine if you had that Monday morning, dog ran away, and fought with my spouse feeling all the time? Life would be crappy!

But some days things just kind of work out, and even if they don’t it seems like the sun just might be shining a little brighter. Maybe someone holds the door for you on your way into the gas station, or maybe a baby smiles at you on your commute home for work.

Whatever it is; life isn’t that crappy sometimes!

Here’s 5 shirts that exemplify a day we’re happy to hop out of bed for.

5 Not-So-Crappy Shirts

1.) Where Would You Be Without Man’s Best Friend

Trusty Fido knows just what you need. Sometimes the best days are spent hanging out with the dog, and drinking a cool beverage.

He even chased off all the neighborhood cats, vultures, and children who were eyeing up your sandwich.

2.) Just Another Reason to Be Grateful For Your Wife

What’s better than a wife that will come fishing with you? Not much could possibly be better; until she carries your catch in for you! 

Spouses that fish together, stay together… or at least they stay well fed.

Here’s to the day trip she thought was going to be like a beautiful romance novel scene on the lake, which turned into a smelly, fishy, and way too early fishing trip.

3.) When the Hubby Treats To A Fabulous Day

No one quite understands happiness until you’ve been hopped up on mall cinnamon bun sugar after nearly lighting your hubby’s credit card on fire with your shopping spree.

It’s these small moments of blissful company when it’s all about her that really bring joy... for both of you.

Happy wife, happy life.

4.) When it’s so Crappy… It’s Funny!

There are just those times when it’s almost hilarious how unlucky you can be.

When the car hits the puddle just right to splash your new outfit, when you accidentally step in dog poop, or when the lottery numbers are painfully close to winning.

This cringe worthy moments are the spice of life. Nothing makes you appreciate a good day like a really awful one.

So crappy… it’s funny!

5.) The Reason For Coffee

Life can be crappy. It is especially crappy in the morning. And it is unbearably crappy on a Monday morning.

What is the only possible thing that can help? Coffee! In every flavor: caramel, mocha, and hazelnut, iced or hot, cold brewed or pressed.

There’s no denying that dragging feeling when the alarm goes off, but a nice spot of coffee will at least open your eyes the rest of the way.

Life’s Not That Crappy If You Laugh

Whatever rough patch you’re going through is always a lightened load with a little bit of a smile. Sometimes it’s hard to make lemonade out of lemons, but with a little chuckle anything is possible.

The worst of times help to highlight how awesome the best of times are, and who is next to you through it all: wife, husband, dog, and coffee.

What gets you through your crappy moments?

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