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4 Shirts For A Not So Crappy Summer

Summer Is Finally Here

Summer has officially begun, and so has all of the fun warm weather activities! Whether it’s fishing, hanging out at the beach, taking out the jet-ski, or a nice backyard barbecue with the family: it’s time to start living your best life.

This summer is the time to start trying to look at the bright side; even if things don’t go exactly as planned. Let’s be honest; it rarely does.

Here’s four shirts to kick off the summer right! Well, sort of.

4 Shirts That Turn Your Crappy Summer Into A Happy Summer

1.) At Least You’re On the Beach

Any day spent on the beach is a good day.

People flock to water in the summer, and the cool ocean breeze with a nice sandwich and an exciting book seems like most people’s version of paradise. Maybe you’re even lucky enough to be on a full vacation; complete with an alcoholic drink featuring an umbrella!

Mother Nature isn’t always so forgiving, but enjoy that beautiful sunshine and remember it could always be worse!

2.) Enjoy The Best of Boating… the Jet Ski!

Finally get out on that jet ski! There’s nothing more fun than buzzing around on the water and feeling the sweet, warm summer breeze on your face.

It’s probably best to do it in an area with someone who is experienced with handling a jet ski including knowledge of minor repairs and how to gas them properly.

I’ve never seen someone get off a jet ski without a smile on their face. It is almost a fool proof way to have a great time. Load up on the sunscreen, don’t bring your expensive sunglasses (just in case), and bring a friend!

3.) Backyard Bash

Nothing is better than a good barbecue with the most loved and fun people in your life. Whether you have a spacious grassy plain out back or a small balcony to grill on; fire it up!

The best low stress event will mean asking each guest to bring a side dish. A family and friend potluck is always the yummiest and easiest way to set up a low stress day or night of fun.

Make sure the grill has propane (or charcoal) and get ready to fire it up. Don’t worry… once you hit June there’s no chance of that weird and unpredictable April snow storm that hit your last barbecue.

4.) No One Loves Summer Like You and the Dog

If you’re lucky enough to have a furry companion then you know all the perks. Trusty Fido is a great reason to get outside and get moving!

Take them for a walk through the woods, a jaunt on the beach, or even just a stroll around the block in the cool summer evening.

No one loves you quite like the dog, so take a moment to appreciate them. And keep working on that “bring you a bottle of beer from the fridge” trick you’ve been working on!

Have Your Least Crappy Summer

You don’t have to love the beach, the lake, the hiking, or any other outdoor experience that comes with the summer.

But remember to take a moment and appreciate the things around you, even if it’s only the luxury of not having to wear a coat.

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