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Having children is a part of life that is missed most acutely by those who grow old and have no grandchildren to bounce on their knee.
Life can sometimes have too many Murphy’s-Law moments, where if anything bad can happen, it will. 
There’s a movie in theaters right now called 47 Meters Down, which, of course, translates to 154 feet down.
Want to wear a funny t-shirt just about everyone will relate to? This Chocoholic Ladies T-Shirt will surely evoke a lot of smiles, since chocolate is loved by virtually everyone. 
If you’ve ever been tempted to break a golf club over your knee or literally launch a pitching wedge into the nearest tree line, this Golf Bag T-Shirt may be perfect for you. 
Sometimes life is crap, and this is part of the human experience from the very start. This Ripped Teddy Bear Baby Onesie can provide solace and hopefully a little chuckle, with the reminder that everyone has it bad sometimes—even infants!