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Life Ain’t Always Easy – Even for Babies!

Learn to Deal with Disappointment...from Infancy

Sometimes life is crap, and this is part of the human experience from the very start. This Ripped Teddy Bear Baby Onesie can provide solace and hopefully a little chuckle, with the reminder that everyone has it bad sometimes—even infants! We are not alone in our struggle to deal with pain and disappointment. In fact, the sooner we learn to cope with disappointment in a healthy way, the better off we are.

Tips for Overcoming Disappointment

Disappointment is more uncomfortable than a poopy diaper. Life is a lot better when we are well equipped to deal with letdowns in a healthy way. Think of the oyster. When sand gets inside, the result is a pearl. We can do the same with life’s irritations. Imagine if inventor Thomas Edison had given up when he was in the process of trying to refine the light bulb. Before finding success, some sources say he experienced 10,000 failed attempts, all of which may have been described as disappointments. He kept going and changed the world as significantly as any invention ever has. The following are some tips for overcoming disappointment:

  • Ignore the critics. A fantastic example of this bit of advice is Walt Disney. He was once fired for lack of imagination! His first animation studio went bankrupt. He was forced out of his association with a major picture studio because of his very first favorite character became a point of legal debate – that’s why you don’t know who Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is. Obviously, Disney kept going and offers the world the best places to experience manmade magic.
  • Think of a disappointing episode as an opportunity to grow deeper roots. Be like bamboo plants! They spend years establishing roots and then suddenly grow at amazing rates, even as much as 2 feet in a single day!
  • Many things in nature provide a great example of perseverance through disappointment. One is the butterfly. The strong wings of butterflies are formed slowly through persistent struggle to escape the cocoon. Other friends and family members may seem to get way ahead of you on the success scale, but don’t let that faze you. Slowly and deliberately, you can get to your goal.
  • Don’t be intimidated by disappointment. Ann Landers once gave the advice that we should expect trouble as an unavoidable part of life. When it comes, face it squarely and declare that it will not defeat you!

Get the Onesie

Put a Ripped Teddy Bear Baby Onesie on your baby and remember to laugh in the face of the day’s disappointments. All it takes is the right attitude to flip life right-side-up.

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