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Something has been going very wrong with my budget. It doesn’t have room for things like an entire month’s worth of the usual groceries or getting regular nice haircuts. 
Every Halloween I buy my kids overpriced, badly made costumes and regret it. When I see the kids whose mothers spent under $10 on a handmade masterpiece, I find myself with the urge to deny them candy, or just give them those weird taffies no one likes.
Life is full of disappointments, so I try not to get too excited about anything. When movie trailers have me at the edge of my seat, I usually find myself asleep in the theater. 
As a rule I do not participate in happy hour. What is so “happy” about 6 o’clock on a Tuesday? I still have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. 
Coulrophobia. The fear of clowns has been around since the days of court jesters. It became a part of my life when I was about five years old.
Running out of coffee is something that should just never happen. Anyone who is unaware of the power and pleasure of coffee obviously doesn’t grasp what they are missing.