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5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Coffee, Including Death-Related Symptoms

Mind-Blowing Facts About Coffee

Running out of coffee is something that should just never happen. Anyone who is unaware of the power and pleasure of coffee obviously doesn’t grasp what they are missing. Coffee is like some kind of legal wonder drug. It is packed with all sorts of benefits, not the least of which is transforming morning curmudgeons into inoffensive human beings. This topic of mind-blowing facts about coffee has been well-explored. Then this week a story came out claiming that the strongest coffee in the world can literally kill you. Hopefully some of these other coffee facts will take you by surprise.

Apply in Brazil

If you're looking to bust into this bean industry, you might want to transfer overseas to Brazil. It's not just home to one of the 7 wonders of the world but also the world’s largest coffee producer. A jittery title this country has held for over 150 years. The South American country produces one-third of the world’s java. In Brazil alone, more than 5 million people enjoy job security in the coffee industry.

The Caffeinated Peoples

Can you guess which nation consumes the most coffee? If you guessed the U.S., you are correct. Of all the caffeine consumed in the United States, 75% of it is in coffee. And here’s one more shocker. Only about 52% of the people in the 50 states drink coffee. What’s up with the other whopping 48%?

The Coffee-Grape Comparison

It's safe to say that coffee and grapes are distant cousins. They both have “terroir” in common. This means that the beans and the grapes both are affected by such things as soil conditions, temperature, rainfall, drainage, and altitude. In addition, degree of ripeness makes a difference in the taste. By the way, coffee beans are fruit pits not beans.

Death by Coffee

In the above-mentioned recent news story, a brand literally called Death Wish Coffee was found to possibly contain an ingredient that can kill a person dead. There have been no instances of death, as yet. But certain 11-ounce cans of Death Wish Coffee could contain life-threatening botulin. Refunds have been offered. For a 154-pound person to die an untainted coffee death, it would be necessary to drink about 70 cups of coffee.

Unsubstantiated Coffee Facts

One of the claims below is an actual coffee fact. Can you guess which one? (The answer is in the final paragraph)

  • Before you have your coffee in the morning, people look uglier.
  • A certain coffee shop in Roanoke, Virginia, charges less for coffee if the customer says the words “hello” and/or “please.”
  • In the ancient Middle East, coffee beans were used as tiny sofas for insects.

But seriously, Coffee!

Ah, coffee is a topic worth discussing just about any time. Did you learn anything new with these mind-blowing facts? 

And have you heard of that shop in Virginia? It made news by rewarding customers for good manners. As to people looking uglier before you’ve had your morning brew, that’s actually true for some but not others. All coffee drinkers can agree that there should be planning, so as to never run out of coffee.

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