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You can translate everything about cats that goes viral on the Internet into a Christmas experience. In this way, you can grasp how my cat Horace literally steals the season.
When it comes to snow, people should think of death and destruction instead of chubby snowmen. There’s no doubt about it: People are fooled over this particular weather pattern.
The biggest regrets of my life were the ones I threw back—men, not fish. The reasons for the breakups seemed to make sense at the time. But when it comes to a few guys who not only genuinely cared for me then but have never forgotten their big crush, I know I blew my chance at lasting love. A one-time divorcee, my children and grandchildren have been the focus of all of my attention.
When I was younger, it seemed that I had more embarrassing episodes than any other human in history. Now that I’m older, it’s worse.
The only thing that has ever come naturally to me is procrastination. It’s as easy as falling off of a log. I’m quite comfortable with putting things off, and I always like to put off till “whenever” what I should probably do today. 
When I was young, I admit that Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. My entire family got together for a visit. We also ate amazing food cooked by my father or my grandfather, depending on which house we were at.