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Procrastination Definitely Sucks

The only thing that has ever come naturally to me is procrastination. It’s as easy as falling off of a log. I’m quite comfortable with putting things off, and I always like to put off till “whenever” what I should probably do today. I love procrastination like a drunk loves tequila until I have to deal with certain consequences. Then it sucks like a heavy duty commercial vacuum cleaner.

How procrastination sucks

When I was growing up, my parents and teachers gave me countless lectures on “the terrible habit of procrastination.” Things are so much easier when you’re a kid. Sure, there were consequences to putting things off back in those days. But the negatives never bothered me as much as the enjoyment I got from procrastination. I will boldly now admit that the tables have turned. If I ever quit putting off being in a serious relationship and one day having children, I will passionately teach those children what my elders tried to teach me. I have suffered much from procrastination, and I am admitting that my favorite pastime has become the crappiest one thing of my life.

More times than I can count, I’ve run out of gas when driving my car. As a result, there have been have a plethora of consequences, including:

  • Experiencing terror when stranded on lonely stretches of roadway in pitch blackness with no way to call anyone because of failing to charge my phone.
  • Losing jobs, including at least two that I actually liked.
  • Missing a Guns N’ Roses concert.
  • Losing girlfriends, who have gotten stranded with me on dark roadways.

Here are just a few more reasons why I can tell you from experience that procrastination sucks:

  • Procrastination routinely results in missed opportunities.
  • Time continues to go by, with no changes in life status.
  • Never reaching goals.
  • Always being late.
  • A ruined career.
  • A growing sense of being a failure.
  • People lose trust in you.
  • When you put off taking care of your health, growing older is a bitch.

The "why" of procrastination

I’ve decided to treat procrastination like a disease. In seeking a remedy, I found that help begins by figuring out why I procrastinate. Will definitely be looking into that very shortly.

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