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Why Snow Sucks

When it comes to snow, people should think of death and destruction instead of chubby snowmen. There’s no doubt about it: People are fooled over this particular weather pattern. For hurricanes and tornadoes, folks run for cover. When snow starts coming down, they eat snowflakes and get excited about stuff as elementary as riding a piece of cardboard down a hilly mound. Clueless masses! The proper response to snow is pure dread.

A History of Snow Disasters

Down through history, there have been many natural disasters caused by snow, and avalanches are usually involved. The more you know about snow, the more you can recognize the threat. The white stuff is a killer, and the proof follows:

  • One of the worst train disasters in the history of the U.S. occurred in 1910. Ninety-seven passengers were killed and two trains were crushed by an avalanche in Wellington, Washington. But that’s nothing compared to the next disaster.
  • At least 10,000 soldiers from Italy and Austria were killed by a spate of avalanches in two days in the year 1916. Avalanches were actually used as weapons on both sides of the conflict. Explosives were used to set off massive snow slides that buried enemies below.
  • An entire small village named Blons in Austria was destroyed by an avalanche. Nine hours later, rescuers at the scene were also buried by a second avalanche, bringing the total number of deaths to 200-plus.
  • Tragedy struck Ranrahirca, Peru, in 1962. An enormous avalanche slid down Mt. Huascarn, a 22,000-foot-high mountain. Two villages were wiped about by the snow. The avalanche produced compressed air that destroyed more villages downhill from there. This was the worst peacetime avalanche in history, killing 4,000 people.

When you Know Too Much

Avalanches are the worst of it, when it comes to snow. But there is plenty more to hate. Snow plows bury cars in similar fashion. Dressing for an outing is a major undertaking. Don’t think frostbite isn’t a threat because it is. Trudging through snow, being attacked in snow ball fights, and slipping in icy conditions are more reasons to hate snow as much as if all of it were yellow. 

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