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Crappy Reasons to Break Off a Relationship

The biggest regrets of my life were the ones I threw back—men, not fish. The reasons for the breakups seemed to make sense at the time. But when it comes to a few guys who not only genuinely cared for me then but have never forgotten their big crush, I know I blew my chance at lasting love. A one-time divorcee, my children and grandchildren have been the focus of all of my attention. Then I went to a class reunion, saw an old high school boyfriend who reminded me that I broke his heart, and later got an invitation to a Christmas party. Who is the host? The reunion guy, who grew up to be a highly likeable, highly successful man. Why did I break up with him back then? Because of his motorcycle and the fact that my dad taught me well to stay off of those deadly things. Now the barrier is his common law wife. She’s bigger and younger than me. I better not go. The following are more of the potentially regrettable or downright stupid reasons people break off relationships.

Nitpicky reasons for a break-up

Getting dumped is a part of life. What young folks can’t possibly realize is how fleeting youth really is. There’s a sometimes small window of opportunity to land a lifetime partner. Blowing the process that would work but for one of the people being too crazy to see the good thing right in front of them can lead to regret that never melts away. Here are more reasons people have had stupid breakups:

  • A guy was well off, friendly, generous, and crazy about a girl in college. But he smelled like a pencil, and, for her, that was the deal breaker.
  • A woman was dating a trainer, and he kept leading her in butt exercises when they worked out together. She felt he was trying to shape her into his idea of the perfect woman. G’bye!
  • A guy wore the wrong shoes with his clothes, and obviously that wasn’t going to work.
  • A woman was heavy on the mayo with all of her sandwiches. She became defensive when the subject was broached. It was just over for the guy after that.
  • A woman suggested that she and the guy she had been dating a few times play a video game. He wasn’t interested but lectured her about how video games are a waste of time plus the value of time management. She broke it off.
  • A man thought a particular woman was pretty great, but he hated the way she laughed. He failed to overcome, broke it off, and came to regret it deeply.

Just wear a helmet or whatever

Breaking up an otherwise good relationship over silly things that have solutions can be a very bad idea. For instance, my motorcycle breakup was stupid. (Why not just be brave and wear a helmet or insist on going in the guy’s car? He had both!) Then again, our hearts are so fickle. It’s hard to know when to listen to it and when to seek good advice and potentially prevent missing out on forever love.

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