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Surrounded by Sharks 154 Feet Down!

Surrounded by Sharks 154 Feet Down!#%

There’s a movie in theaters right now called 47 Meters Down, which, of course, translates to 154 feet down. We don’t do meters in the U.S.! However far down it is, being surrounded by sharks is a terrifying nightmare that sometimes comes true. Is this one of your fears? If so, a Shark Attack T-Shirt from is probably a garment you should have.

Remember Jaws?

It has been about 40 years since Jaws terrified audiences everywhere. The story has not yet fully been told, which is why there is room for 47 Meters Down. This is a topic that deserves to be fully explored. Think of all the people who innocently jump in beachfront waters everywhere, as though there weren’t such a thing as sharks.

What about the people who scuba dive or actually explore in deep waters intentionally, to study sharks? This is one way to quickly find out just how crappy life can really be. You’re defying the threat of terror to engage in some type of scientific research. Many would call this courageous. Perhaps there are better terms for such behavior, such as: Ill-advised, imbecilic, half-witted, and doltish. Not to be insulting, though.

Sharks Eat People

There are many fears that people have, and none makes more sense than a fear of sharks. There is very good reason to avoid shark encounters. Their teeth, for instance, are very terrifying. Check out the following facts:

  • Shark teeth are neatly arranged in conveyor belt rows.
  • The tiger shark has teeth that pierce and were obviously designed to cut through flesh.
  • Some sharks have razor-like teeth that tear flesh, such as the shortfin mako shark.
  • The bull shark has 50 rows of teeth.
  • When shark teeth are lost because of becoming stuck in prey or something like that, they can be replaced within a single day.
  • On average, sharks have 15 rows of teeth in each jaw.
  • Sharks are terrifying from birth. They have complete sets of teeth on the day they are born. They then go off on their own and start eating, with no help from momma.

Get the t-shirt

If you are the kind of person who even turn down a date with a hottie to avoid seeing a movie like 47 Meters Down, a Shark Attack T-shirt may be perfect for you

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