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Golf is Tough…and Yet Strangely Perfect for Kids

 If you’ve ever been tempted to break a golf club over your knee or literally launch a pitching wedge into the nearest tree line, this Golf Bag T-Shirt may be perfect for you. Frustrations of golfing may be real, but it’s easy to laugh about, too. Anyone who struggles to keep their sense of humor over a poor golf handicap should surely benefit from wearing a funny golf t-shirt like this one. Golf is a game that can easily make you want to have a wall-eyed fit. Ironically, it’s also a perfect game for kids.

With Golf, it Helps to Maintain Perspective

When you’re semi-serious about golf, there’s a very real sense of adventure. Just you, a ball, and the hole on the green is all you need to focus on. No one else can take the credit if you’re under par, but you also get the credit for every bad round you play. One way to avoid going over the edge in frustration is to keep in mind that golf is literally a sport that’s ideal for children—even fairly small children. With that in mind, you’ve got this! The following are some of the reasons the difficult game of golf is ironically great for the kiddos:

  • Golf doesn’t have the same kind of risks that more physical sports do. Football, for instance, is the concussion sport. In baseball, you could get seriously beaned by a ball that is flying off a bat. Golf doesn’t require any type of physical contact. There are balls flying around, but they usually stay well within the margins of particular holes. Golfers are usually safe from even being struck with a wild ball.
  • You can be in literally any kind of shape and play golf. Not up to walking the fairway? Ride a cart! Anyone able to grip a club and swing it can play. This is excellent news for kids who want to be athletic but don’t quite have the build for competition that requires a certain amount of heft, muscle, or speed.
  • Golf provides the perfect opportunity to put on some comfy clothes and play with a ball outside. It’s always good to allow the peaceful vibes of nature to offset the desire to literally throw clubs into a pond, just like on this Golf Bag T-Shirt.
  • Golf can teach kids and adults disciplines, including respect. It can definitely teach you self-control, when tempted to have a meltdown on a Par 3, for example.

Get the T-Shirt

Sometimes it’s just necessary to remind yourself that golf really is fun. Get your own Golf Bag T-Shirt, as a constant reminder to maintain your sense of humor.

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