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Yes, Chocolate is Amazing and Science Says So

Yes, Chocolate is Amazing and Science Says So

Want to wear a funny t-shirt just about everyone will relate to? This Chocoholic Ladies T-Shirt will surely evoke a lot of smiles, since chocolate is loved by virtually everyone. It has actually been proven that chocolate has serious addictive qualities. If you find yourself raging for chocolate, your love may have reached a strangely intense level. Don’t worry. You’re one among millions.

More reasons chocolate is awesome

There is just something about chocolate that makes it the ultimate treat. Actually, there’s a lot of good about chocolate, scientifically speaking. It’s definitely best to eat dark chocolate, as pure as possible. Natural components of chocolate possess anti-inflammatory properties, contain ingredients that boost health, and supply antioxidants. The following are some great reasons to go ahead and indulge in your chocoholic tendencies:

  • There are more than 300 chemical compounds in chocolate that provide wonderful health benefits for the entire body.
  • When you eat chocolate, hormones called Phenylethylamine (PEAs) are released in the body. They are the same hormones released when you are in love. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?
  • The brain has opiate receptors, and chocolate increases communications between the two. Chocolate also enhances the production of dopamine. Both of these reactions contribute to feeling elated and to increased happiness.
  • Swedish researchers conducted a lengthy study that proves chocolate can help to prevent heart failure. People who ate chocolate 1 to 3 times monthly had a 26% lower risk of having a failed heart as compared to those who didn’t consume chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate is the type of chocolate that provides maximum benefits for the heart.
  • If you eat cacao raw, it will eradicate sweet cravings, helping you lose weight. Part of the equation is that the antioxidants in the chocolate contribute to smooth-running metabolism. Experts say you can boost weight loss by eating cacao several times per week.
  • There are different ways to consume cacao. You can have a dark chocolate bar that is free from unhealthy fats and refined sugar, as a powder, or in the form of cacao nibs.
  • Mix a small amount of powdered cacao with cinnamon and honey over low heat on your stovetop, for a yummy, healthy treat. This vitamin-rich dessert will give the combined health benefits of all three ingredients.

Get the t-shirt

If this Chocoholic Ladies T-Shirt has you pegged, nobody has to tell you that enjoying chocolate is one of the really good things in life. Now that you know more of the science behind it, you can really flaunt your love for chocolate.

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