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Charlie is a famous tuna who got rejected repeatedly in commercials for canned tuna, and a national day is named after him. Every April 6 is National Sorry Charlie Day. No one likes the feelings created by rejection, but it’s part of being human.  Below are facts about Charlie the Tuna and a few of the benefits to be derived from being on the receiving end of, “Sorry, Charlie!”
Even if you were cut from your high school basketball team because of height, you can still enjoy March Madness every year. The top 68 NCAA college basketball teams in the U.S. participate in round one.  The tournament brackets are a source of sport for basketball lovers and gamblers everywhere, as predictions are made about which teams will win in each respective round until there’s a national champion. It’s fun for all. Check out the following six reasons to love March Madness.
Cannabis is finally recognized for what it is, with 58% or more of adults in the U.S. agreeing that it should be legalized. And what is marijuana? It’s nature’s own medicine cabinet, not to mention a safer high than alcohol or prescription narcotics. Relatively little is known about the pros and cons of weed because research is sadly lacking. Perhaps that’s because the powers-that-be refuse to allow marijuana to compete with legal sedatives. Whatever the reason, we know, at least, that cannabis has fantastic health benefits. The following are some of the great reasons marijuana should, at the very least, be legalized for medical treatments.

A lot of us need our tax refunds and can be thankful the recent partial government shutdown is over for now. The IRS starts processing tax refunds today, January 28. Best turn your tax statement in online as soon as possible, since President Trump says the shutdown may resume on February 15. After filing, you can think about what to do with your tax refund. The following are a few ideas, some practical and some completely impractical.

Arctic air is swirling all around the country. The Deep South is even due to get significant snow this week. In these conditions, outdoor excursions for any reason can be very dangerous. If you’re going to brave the cold because you must ski on fresh layers of powder or maybe go ice fishing, it’s critical that you dress to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. Tips for staying warm and surviving outdoor fun during an arctic blast follow.
Have you been a hard worker for years and yet haven’t received deserved promotions or raises? It could be because you fell for the lie that all you have to do to get ahead is to keep your head down and do great work on a consistent basis. As you may already know, hard work alone rarely works. There is another untold element that must be part of the mix.