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6 Reasons to Love March Madness


Even if you were cut from your high school basketball team because of height, you can still enjoy March Madness every year. The top 68 NCAA college basketball teams in the U.S. participate in round one. By round three, it’s down to the “Sweet 16.” Excitement is palpable when the “Elite Eight” play, followed by the “Final Four.” The tournament brackets are a source of sport for basketball lovers and gamblers everywhere, as predictions are made about which teams will win in each respective round until there’s a national champion. It’s fun for all. Check out the following six reasons to love March Madness.


1-The NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday

For avid fans of this annual college basketball extravaganza known as March Madness, the thrills begin with Selection Sunday, in which the 68 participating teams and matchups are revealed. Team reactions are televised, and you can hear commentary about teams that did and didn’t make it to the big tournament. In 2019, St. Patrick’s Day was also Selection Sunday, making it the most awesome day of the year, because what beats a day focused on leprechauns, beer, and basketball?



A highly beloved activity during March Madness that can get every fan involved is bracketology. By definition, bracketology is making predictions on the outcomes of sports tournaments. During the NCAA men’s championship, there’s the immense fun of making predictions from round one all the way to round seven.


3-Family, Friend, or Office Pools

Pools in which the brackets for the different rounds during March Madness are filled out in a competition are tremendous fun. Whether your friends, family, or fellow co-workers are in the pool, it’s thrilling to see who predicted the correct outcome for the most games. Depending on how big the pot is, March Madness can be a boon for some skilled prognosticators.


4-College Ties

If the school you attended or simply your favorite college basketball team makes it to March Madness, you are fortunate indeed. The most fun you can have during these seven tournament rounds of basketball is watching your favorite team advance all the way to become the national championship winner.


5-Outstanding Players

In 2008, Steph Curry astoundingly led a tiny Davidson College almost to the Final Four, but in the Elite Eight, Davidson lost 57-59 to the Kansas Jayhawks, who went on to win the national championship. Curry, also now known as the best shooter in basketball history, launched his legacy during March Madness. Years later, people still can’t quit talking about what Steph Curry did during March Madness 2008. A particular shot Curry made is the stuff of legends. You never know when another astoundingly good player will be revealed during the tournament. Other players who became overnight stars: Harold “The Show” Arceneaux, Wally Szczerbiak, and Bryce Drew.


6-Last-Second Wins/Losses

When two teams are neck and neck during March Madness, everyone is on the edge of their seat. As the last second runs out, the crowd roars and players cheer wildly or drop to their knees because of the last deciding play. It’s a rush as the exuberant crowd storms the court.


Will You Be Watching March Madness?

For basketball lovers, it’s like everything else in life is briefly suspended during March Madness. The first game in 2019 is Tuesday, March 19, and the final game is Monday, April 8, 2019. Get your brackets filled out and enjoy all the excitement.

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