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5 Tips to Find the Silver Lining when Life Sucks


Life is filled with disappoints large and small, but that doesn’t have to get you down. That old saying is true—every cloud has a silver lining. You just have to look for it. At the 2019 NCAA tournament still in progress, Maryland made big news after losing by 2 points to LSU in the last seconds of their March 23rd game. Maryland was number 6 seed and LSU number 3, and the underdogs almost pulled it off. But so many of us get incredibly close to really great things all the time. Close but no cigar, as they say. The following can help flip things and see the good in the midst of bad.


1-An Opportunity to Reassess

When you get a real slap in the face like unexpectedly losing your job or suddenly being single, it can be tough to think positive thoughts. But these major letdowns really do provide an exciting chance to re-evaluate things. It’s like getting a shot at a new beginning. Odds are pretty good that you had been in a rut of some kind before the hammer dropped. You can now restructure some things and take steps toward a fresh vision for your life.


2-Make a List of Things to be Thankful For

You may have lost the lottery by a single-digit-number, but don’t focus on how close you came to cashing in. Instead, think about the things in your life that you can be grateful for. No matter what disappointment has rocked your world, refuse to sink. Celebrate every bright spot, from good health to people who care about you.


3-Change the Words in Your Head

We all have conversations running in our minds, whether we realize it or not. Take note of what you’re saying to yourself, and if you are speaking negative thoughts, make a decision to change your words. Speak positivity to yourself, even if it seems like nonsense. Make sure you build yourself up and don’t let your thoughts pull your mood down. Take advantage of helpful resources. Just search for “uplifting websites,” and find some that make you smile.


4-Remember that You are Empowered to Change Things

You may have just become one of the latest and greatest underdog stories. The power is within you to take hold of your life and start making it more what you wish it to be. The disappointment you just suffered doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you. Every moment is a chance for a fresh start. You can make change happen. Do what you can and more than you thought you were capable of, and watch things unfold.


5-Create a Game Plan

Spend some time thinking about what you can do to move in a better direction. Read some books about people who hit rock bottom and turned everything around, if it helps. The story of the man who created Monopoly is an amazing story that could inspire you. The Monopoly creator followed through with a great idea, stuck with his convictions, and became a millionaire. What’s your game plan?


Hang in There!

An unavoidable part of life is having to keep on moving forward, even after we’ve been knocked back on our hind ends. When you stand up after something like that and find the bright side of things, you’re a winner and a bona fide inspiration. You can do it!

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