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Hard Work Alone Isn’t Enough and Here’s Why


Have you been a hard worker for years and yet haven’t received deserved promotions or raises? It could be because you fell for the lie that all you have to do to get ahead is to keep your head down and do great work on a consistent basis. As you may already know, hard work alone rarely works. There is another untold element that must be part of the mix. It’s crap to find out after you’ve been focused on working your fingers to the bone that you had the wrong focus. But at least once you figure it out, you can start again and make a climb to success much less likely to disappoint.


What They Won’t Tell You About Getting Ahead

Maybe you were fortunate enough to be informed about the nuances of making it big in the corporate world or wherever you happen to be employed. Or maybe you naturally possess the qualities that attract success. That’s good for you! The rest of us could use some help, and the main secret follows.


Relationships Are Essential

The satisfaction of a job well done is fine as a stand-alone activity. But getting ahead via promotions virtually always requires relationship-building. Take time to be personable. Relate to people. Connect on a professional and personal level.

Take an interest in others on every level of the company but especially be on the lookout for opportunities to connect with higher-ups. Such opportunities could be rare, and they should not be taken for granted. Don’t think of it as “butt-kissing.” And don’t think this means you have to put up with abuse of any kind. Think of it as an acknowledgment that success isn’t achieved in a vacuum, no matter how great your deliverables are.


Kinds of Relationships that Lead to Success

Research proves that good relationships generate opportunities. These kinds of relationships that open doors are genuine and honest. Some examples are:

  • A mentor or teacher who took an interest in you as you were starting out on your career path.
  • A person you learned a lot from and have appreciated.
  • A person you’ve admired, such as an industry leader.


Relational Tips on the Path to Success

Many people learn only years after letting a relationship fall to the wayside that they made a huge mistake. It can pay big dividends in life to simply stay in touch with people who have impacted your life. More follows:

  • If there is a particular position you want or a company you long to work for, the best thing you could do is maintain relationships. Stay in contact with anyone in those arenas where you have set your sights.
  • Build up relationships with those in your workplace who encourage you. If you move on to another job, maintain those relationships, even though you aren’t working together anymore.  
  • Ask questions of people in places of authority and stay connected.

Go ahead and continue your good work of grinding hard. Start building relationships, as well, and get ready to enjoy a lot more of the fruits of your labors. It may take a while, but it’s definitely more of a road to somewhere than isolating yourself, even if you do exceptional work.


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