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A tough year is behind us and now a New Year challenges us to make resolutions for better tomorrows. The problem is that resolutions are only kept by an estimated 8% of the population.
When it comes to snow, people should think of death and destruction instead of chubby snowmen. There’s no doubt about it: People are fooled over this particular weather pattern.
Every Halloween I buy my kids overpriced, badly made costumes and regret it. When I see the kids whose mothers spent under $10 on a handmade masterpiece, I find myself with the urge to deny them candy, or just give them those weird taffies no one likes.
As a rule I do not participate in happy hour. What is so “happy” about 6 o’clock on a Tuesday? I still have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. 
Do you love coffee so much that it’s the only reason you can tolerate mornings? Do you look at people differently if you find out they don’t like coffee? 
A popular beach in Georgia was recently the subject of an advisory that warned beach-goers to forget about swimming.