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Of the Reasons to Love Coffee: Best. One. Ever.

Of the Reasons to Love Coffee: Best. One. Ever.

Do you love coffee so much that it’s the only reason you can tolerate mornings? Do you look at people differently if you find out they don’t like coffee? Are you able to recite a litany of magnificent coffee flavors without hesitation? Well, if so, here’s some great news. It has been discovered that coffee can help you delay death! What other liquid brings you to life and literally keeps you alive on this earth longer? No one who appreciates coffee from their depths is surprised by this just-released “revelation.”

The Science of Death-Defying Coffee

Two studies about coffee-drinkers came to the same recently revealed conclusion. Research done in the United States and another study involving 10 European countries reached this profound judgment: People who drink at least one cup of coffee per day live longer than people who don’t. Essentially, the compounds in coffee help to protect people against many of the leading causes of death. Those properties are both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature plus much more.

Evidence that People Love Coffee

Coffee is so popular that it has been featured on multiple millions of Instagram photos. A beautiful cup of coffee doesn’t even need latte foam art to make hearts go pitter-patter, but it deserves such treatments. The reality is that coffee has become a trend, not so different than trends in fashion. It’s no surprise that the very thing that puts smiles on so many faces every morning is the subject of tremendous adoration and outright love.

Many would note that the existence of Starbuck coffee shops on every few corners is proof of coffee love. Dunkin’ Donuts has placed such an effective focus on providing a great cup of java (plus other popular items) that they are changing their name to “Dunkin’.” There are also now more indie coffeehouses than major brand coffeehouses in New York City. There are enough customers to go around for everybody!

Why Do You Love Coffee?

Caffeine is the most obvious reason for coffee lovers to adore their favorite beverage. These days, with modern hand-held screened devices distracting a large segment of the population from much-needed sleep, caffeine has become more important than ever. You may love it for the taste, especially when taste is enhanced by whipped cream. You may not even know why you love coffee so much. You only know that when you’re out of coffee, it’s panic time. If that’s you, Life is Crap may have your perfect Out of Coffee T-Shirt.

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