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5 Ways Beach Days Turn to Crap

5 Ways Beach Days Turn to CrapA popular beach in Georgia was recently the subject of an advisory that warned beach-goers to forget about swimming. Nothing like going to the beach only to find that enterococcus have edged you out of the water. The dangerous bacteria invaded the waters of East Beach on Saint Simons Island. A closed beach is just one of quite a few reasons you may pack up for a day of fun, salt water, and sun only to be disappointed or at least a bit regretful.

Beachgoers Beware!

There are many benefits to going to the beach. This is something people inherently understand. Anyone within driving distance of a beach on an easy-going summer day might decide to hit the sand. The crashing of the waves and the breeze coming off the waters are all part of the charm of a day at the beach. Things don’t always go off without a hitch, however. The following are some of the things that can turn a beach day into a pretty crappy memory:

1. Sunburns really suck. It’s like your skin is baked to a crisp in an oven. A really bad sunburn means that even the softest sheet causes intense discomfort. If you fall asleep in the sun without a healthy layer of sunblock on your skin, your nap could turn into a living nightmare, complete with giant blisters.

2. Jellyfish are every bit as attracted to beach areas as sun bathers are. These cute, see-through sea creatures have stinging tentacles that can really HURT. To make matters worse, it’s well known that relief can come if urine is applied to the stinging area. People are often more than willing to provide this kind of comfort. EWWWW!

3. It can be tough to relax at the beach because of riptides. There are these streams of the water that often develop, and they pull a person out to sea! Many people have drowned because of rip currents. Just knowing there are rip currents in the area where you’re visiting can ruin your entire day, since you may not be able to relax while your loved ones enjoy splashing in the waves. Of course, it’s even worse if someone gets caught in one. The secret, by the way, is to stay calm and swim parallel to shore. It will get you out of the current.

4. The seagulls are part of the charm of a beach, but they also have a talent for crapping on people’s heads.

5. Aforementioned bacteria.

Commemorate your Crappy Beach Day

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